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New recruits ignore pensions

17 May 2004
Over half of UK finance directors believe new recruits to their companies are ignoring pension packages, according to a new survey.

Results from the Reed Accountancy / Accountancy Age “Big Question” survey revealed there was widespread concern that the modern workforce was either ignorant or apathetic to the issues of pensions.

Many directors felt traditional perceptions still existed. John Buckley, finance director at Sauter Automation said: “The culture of pensions amongst employees is still in the past, in the sense they assume it’s all taken care of by others.

“In the modern age, people must take ownership of their own finances.”

Richard Post, managing director of Reed Accountancy said: “The pension is a vital component in a benefits package.

“Our own research has shown there is an increasing interest in the benefits package offered for any position so this suggestion of apathy is a cause for concern as it would appear people are not considering pensions in sufficient depth.”

Written by Editorial Team