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If you are looking to release your pension benefits and you are over 55 with a personal or company UK pension then depending on the size of your fund you may be able to unlock tax free cash which can be used for any purpose e.g. mortgage and debt repayment as well as investing for income.

The balance of money not available for tax free cash can depending on the plan you opt for can remain invested through a pension drawdown plan or could be used to purchase an income through the purchase of an annuity.

Pension Release is not suitable for everyone and so it is very important that you seek impartial advice on your options.


Our Pension Service* provides:-

  • Impartial quotes & advice on Pension Release.
  • Advice on investing tax free cash.
  • Advice on transferring pensions and transfer analysis comparing existing scheme benefits with new schemes.
  • Information & Advice on Self Invested Pension schemes
  • Close to retirement? - Quotes & Advice on your Annuity Options - You could get up to 40% more income by choosing the right annuity provider for you. Information & Advice on other retirement income products.
  • Assessment of your circumstances to find the most suitable type of pension for you.
  • Helping you with the relevant paperwork to ensure that your pension is processed smoothly.

If you unlock your pension, your income will probably be considerably less than you could expect if you had waited until your retirement date. You can only use a pension fund once. If you unlock it early, you will may have less to live on when you retire.


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*Our pension service will put you in touch with a network of specialist independant financial advisers who can offer professional pension advice