Pension Auto Enrolment

The personal accounts scheme was the name given to early work to set-up automatic enrolment in a pension scheme for employees.

Auto-enrolment in a pension for eligible employees will begin from 2012, with the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) providing an affordable and accessible pensions scheme for employees whose employers decides not to provide their own scheme.

The NEST Corporation is a non-departmental public body who will administer the scheme aiming to make pension saving straight forward.

Membership of NEST, formerly known as personal accounts, will be open to any employer that wishes to use it to fulfil their employer duties and will require an employer contribution in addition to an employee contribution. 

The minimum total pension contribution, from employer and employee, will start off at 2% of earnings, and go up to 8% from 2017, with 3% the minimum contribution from the employer.


Eligible employees will be automatically enrolled into the personal accounts scheme, but will be able to opt out.

Personal accounts differ from personal pensions and a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).