Personal Trainer Indemnity Insurance

If you work as a personal trainer, your skill is your knowledge and advice, and you need to protect yourself against claims that you have given bad advice with personal trainer indemnity insurance.

Personal trainer indemnity insurance protects you against claims that you have been negligent within your work, and for any errors or mistakes you made that led to a claim by a client. 

Personal trainer indemnity insurance also protects you if you:

  • Breach your clients' confidentiality
  • Mishandle information
  • Lose data
  • Need legal defence costs covered should a client take you to court.

Check out the table below for the latest professional indemnity insurance deals and make sure and your personal training business is covered.

Professional Indemnity Quotes
ProviderPublic Liability QuotesEmployer Liability QuotesProfessional Indemnity QuotesSpecial FeaturesGet Quotes
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Standard Cover Up to £10mStandard Cover Up to £10mStandard Cover Up to £2mMultiple Quotes from leading UK PII Insurers using one simple form.Get Quotes >