Pet Insurance For Reptiles

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Reptiles, tortoises, small mammals, birds of prey, small and large birds, exotic mammals
Insuring exotic pets since 1996 - many years of experience when it comes to understanding the problems you may face as a pet owner. 79% of customers renew their policies. Small team offering a more personalised experience. Interest free direct debit options. 5 day claim turnaround service
Max Vet Fees Covered
Up to £5,000

Exotic Direct Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance for Reptiles

Pet insurance for reptiles is widely available, but is not usually included in standard pet insurance. Specialist companies offer comprehensive cover for your reptile, cover could include:

  • Vets fees
  • Death due to illness, accident or disease
  • Fire, lightening, storms
  • Theft
  • Shows and exhibitions

Like with all insurance, pet insurance for reptiles will vary from one provider to the next, so get quotes and compare cover to find the right policy for you. You can get a free pet insurance quote for your reptile today! Just click on the link below and choose exotic animal insurance to get started: