Pets Insurance Lifetime Cover

Lifetime pet insurance cover for your pet is the most comprehensive form of pet insurance that can be purchased. In simple terms, these policies are used to provide financial protection in the event that your pet becomes ill or suffers an accident. Before purchasing any given policy, it is always a good idea to compare a range of insurance quotes. You may wish to take a look at our pet insurance comparison tables below for a selection of offers from different providers:
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Using this type of policy, your insurance provider may require you to renew your lifetime pet insurance cover on an annual basis. However, a variety of different conditions and treatments may be paid for under the terms of a lifetime policy.


An especially comprehensive policy such as this may be well suited to you if you wish to give your pet as much protection as possible for the future. However it is important to note that if the species or particular breed that you own is susceptible to illness or hereditary disease, this may increase the cost of your premiums. Lifetime pet insurance may provide the following benefits:


  • Vet fees that are fully covered
  • Better premiums despite the age of your pet
  • Specialist medical care for your pet
  • Ongoing coverage and protection for your pet
  • The best treatment and opportunity to try alternative forms of medicine


In addition to a lifetime pet insurance policy, there are two other types of standard pet insurance policies:


  • 12 month (annual) limited cover
  • Per condition pet insurance cover


As a lifetime pet insurance is the comprehensive type of policy available, it is worth bearing in mind that they are generally also the most expensive type available. In order to reduce the risk of paying highly expensive premiums, customers are encouraged to shop around as much as possible.

Our Top Picks
ProviderOnline DiscountMax Vet Fees CoveredAdditional Features 
10%Up to £6,500 (platinum cover)Vet fees for illness and injury. Third party liability – up to £1 million for dogs, Boarding kennel or cattery fees – up for £1,000 if you have to go into hospital for 48 hours or longer (Platinum cover only). Includes access to Pet Legal and Find a Vet helplines.Get Quotes >
15% multi-petUp to £15,000Rated 5 stars by over 4,000 customers. Choose from £3,000 to £15,000 vet fees cover/year. Zero excess available. Clear and simple policy document. UK based help teams. Easy claim process with no forms to fill. 15% multi-pet discountGet Quotes >
N/aUp to £8,0005 Star Defaqto insurance. Family approach to insurance for cats and dogs in a straightforward, easy to understand way. Multi-pet cover available without the need to have more than one policy. UK customer and claims service provides expert veterinary information and advice 24/7/365. Unlike many other pet insurers, no coinsurance or co-payment to add to your excess. Get Quotes >
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up to £4,00045% Introductory Discount. With multi-pet cover you can mix and match Standard or Lifetime policies too - there's even a 10% multi-pet discount when you insure more than one pet.Compare pet insurance plans online and discover which level of cover best suits your needs. We love pets and we love great value!Get Quotes >
Save up to £100 a year by switching to ASDAUp to £7,500Great value Pet Insurance. 3 choices of Lifetime cover for vet's fees up to £2,000, £4,000 and £7,500, reinstated annually and with ongoing conditions insured for life. Also 12 month Standard and Value cover availabale, and Accident Only. 24 hour vet helplineGet Quotes >
20%Up to £12,000Dog and Cat Cover - No upper age limit - Long term cover so you claim for conditions like arthritis. Vet fees paid directly - Cover for loss or theft - Vetfone is a 24 hour service offering expert advice and support about anything to do with your pets.Get Quotes >
10%Up to £8,000 per yearCover from £6.29 per month. 5* Defaqto Rated Pet Insurance. Buying Pet Insurance from PDSA means you're supporting the UK's leading veterinary charity. Pay monthly at no extra cost, we can pay your vet direct (subject to availability), access a range of pet helplinesGet Quotes >
10%Up to £14,000 per yearDog, Cat and Rabbit Cover - Petplan offers genuine Covered for Life pet insurance. Multi-Pet Discount (£12 a year per pet)90% of claims settled within 5 days - Get Quotes >
10%£7,000Prices from £4.09 for cats and £7.58 for dogs. Three levels of cover to choose from. £1,000,000 third party liability cover for dogs.Get Quotes >