Prepaid Credit Cards

Advantages of prepaid credit cards include:

  • No proof of income required
  • No credit checks
  • Quick online application
In comparison to other prepaid credit cards VIABUY provides you with an online account that has a personal IBAN assigned to it. Use this IBAN to load your card free of charge – or let others send funds to your account, for example your employer, friends or relatives. If you want to use a deposit instantly you can load with one of our direct payment methods instead.

Prepaid Card

Type of Card
Pre-Paid MasterCard
Adverse Credit

No credit checks – open to everyone with guaranteed acceptance. Help manage your money. Account comprises of a Billing Account for money in and to pay your bills from, plus the a Debit Mastercard® for your every day spending


Card One Money Pre-Paid MasterCard

Prepaid Credit Cards

Prepaid credit cards allow you to take a greater degree of control over your finances. You can benefit from all the advantages of a credit card – without the worry of getting into debt.

A prepaid credit card uses money paid into the card in advance to make purchases, to help you avoid getting into debt. Some of the other features offered by pre-paid credit cards include:

  • Manage your money – no risk of going into debt
  • Top up your card online or in selected high street banks and shops
  • Get your wages paid directly into your card account
  • Shop online using your card
  • Withdraw money from ATMs

Viabuy Prepaid Card  – A clever alternative to a bank account

Keep your personal information secure and anonymously. The VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard card account is kept strictly separate from your main bank account and credit cards, so your personal data is protected against phishing and misuse, while you can use the VIABUY Mastercard for online payments or when you are traveling.

For a lot of our customers the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard has not only become a great supplement to their existing credit card, more often it replaces their credit card and also offers a clever alternative to a bank account.

To compare some of the latest prepaid credit card deals, use the comparison table above:


No Credit Check Prepaid Card

What are my credit cards options if I have a bad credit record?

If your previous track record on credit is less than perfect getting a credit card may be a bit more challenging, but there are options for you depending on what you need.

Credit gets more expensive when your credit record indicates that in the past you may have had a few blips. Basically you will be seen as a higher risk when it comes to making repayments. The good news is that while there may be options for you.

  • Credit repair credit cards – These cards whilst expensive get you back on the road to building up your credit profile. Card providers such as Vanquis will increase your credit limit once they have seen your credit usage after a 5 month period.
  • Pre-paid cards – you can only spend what is loaded onto the card. If you have a recent default on a credit agreement (last 12 months) you can forget about a credit card. A prepaid card allows you to get your spending habits back on track. Once you demonstrate a year’s worth of responsible usage some card providers will forward that info onto credit agencies.