Prestige Home Insurance

Since Insurance companies work on probability and averages, most polices are aimed at the average consumer and the average home. Individuals with high value homes or belongings will need more cover then the average person, and could find the cover they need from a specialist provider, like Prestige home insurance.

Below, you will find our choice of providers for specialist, high value home insurance - get a quote to find the right option for your requirements:

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There is a range of insurance providers eager to provide owners of high value homes with insurance, so getting a number of relevant home insurance quotes shouldn’t be too difficult.


Prestige home insurance is designed to provide cover for larger then average properties which contain a large number of valuable items.


Individuals who tend to own prestige homes are termed high net worth, meaning that they possess large disposable incomes, investments or savings.  These individuals are more likely to own possessions such as fine art and paintings, antiques and expensive jewellery then the average household.


Added to this is the fact that a lot of expensive homes require maintenance equal to their size and age, and it can quickly become apparent why these individuals will need specialised home insurance from a provider such as Prestige. As with most kinds of insurance, the best policy is to shop around and find a number of different home insurance quotes in order to get the best one for you.