Private Health Insurance Policy

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A private health insurance policy offers added peace of mind in the event that you or your family are ill or injured by providing basic cover at a competitive rate to fully comprehensive protection for a bit extra.

Some of the things you could expect from health insurance cover include:

  • Access to private health care facilities at a time that is convenient for you at a hospital of your choice
  • Not having to wait as long as you might for alternative treatment
  • Costs covered for surgical procedures, chemotherapy, scans, X-rays, Consultants/specialists, complimentary and alternative therapies
  • Out-patient or in-patient cover, depending on the level of care you purchase
  • Travel insurance
  • Pregnancy and childbirth

Health insurance varies a great deal - click on the link below to get free advice and compare cover from a number of different providers will mean you can find a private health insurance policy that is both comprehensive and good value for money.