Dura Capital Credit Suisse FTSE/S&P Defensive Autocall Plan

Dura Capital Credit Suisse FTSE/S&P Defensive Autocall Plan

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How does a 16.5% return on your investment after 2 years sound…?

For those investors who are not confident that domestic or international markets will rise significantly in the coming years, this dual index defensive investment could offer a compelling risk versus reward
Oliver Roylance-Smith

Oliver Roylance-Smith

Head of Savings and Investments

Well that’s exactly what’s on offer from this dual index plan from Dura Capital. In addition, should an autocall investment mature early or ‘kick out’, not only do you receive the headline rate of return on offer, but also your initial investment back in full.

The plan offers 8.25% for each year invested (not compounded) provided the value of the FTSE 100 Index and the S&P 500 Index (made up of the 500 largest US publicly traded companies) are above a specific level at the end of each year, compared to their values at the start of the plan. The required levels are 100% at the end of years two and three, reducing by 5% each year thereafter and down to 75% in the final year.

If either or both Indices close below the required level each year, no growth return will be paid and your initial investment will be returned in full unless one or both Indices has fallen by more than 35% at maturity. If this does occur, your capital is at risk depending on the worst performing Index and so you could lose some or all of your investment.

Depending on your view of the UK and US markets, an investment that offers the potential for such high growth returns even if the markets fall up to 25%, could be a timely one.

Plan Details

Potential Return: 8.25% per annum in years 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7

Capital At Risk Product

Available for Stocks & Shares ISA and Direct Investments. Also available to businesses, charities, trusts and SIPP and SSAS pension schemes

Investment term: Maximum 7 Years

Arrangement fee applies

Minimum single investment: £3,000

Maximum ISA investment: £20,000

No Maximum for non-ISA investments: 


The deadline for this plan has now passed. Please fill in the form below to receive details of the next issue of the plan as soon as it becomes available

Reduced arrangement fee: For investments of £100,000 or more into this plan, processed through Fair Investment Company, your arrangement fee will be reduced to 2% of your original investment.

Dura Capital Credit Suisse FTSE/S&P Defensive Autocall Plan 17

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