Remortgage Rates 90% LTV

Remortgage Rates 90% LTV

Compare UK Remortgage Rates 90% Loan To Value

5 Year Fixed Mortgage Offer – 90% LTV

5 Year Fixed Offer – Yorkshire Bank

  • Initial Rate – 2.99% APR
  • 90% Loan To Value (LTV)
  • 5 Year Fixed
  • £250 CASHBACK for First Time Buyers

Overall cost for comparison 4.5% APRC

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Get the latest 90% LTV remortgage deals

It can be challenging to get a high loan-to-value (LTV) remortgage deal, such as a 90% LTV remortgage, as this is often seen as posing a high risk to lender. Despite this there are some mortgage lenders that will allow you to remortgage at up to 90% LTV. It pays to search the market to ensure that you get the best high LTV mortgage deal for you. Use the FREE mortgage calculator tool above to instantly compare the latest remortgage deals.

What is the Loan-To-Value ratio (LTV)?

The loan to value ratio of a mortgage shows the proportion of the property that you own outright (covered by your deposit, and commonly known as equity) and the amount you are borrowing (covered by your mortgage), expressed as a percentage. To compare top mortgage rates and find top remortgage rates at 90% LTV, use the mortgage calculator to search over 5,000 mortgage deals based on your personal circumstances.

Although it can be hard to get a 90% LTV remortgage deal, there are some situations in which it may be useful – for example, if you are remortgaging to release equity, a high LTV mortgage will give you access to more funds.

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Bear in mind that a remortgage application is a two-way process – not only does the remortgage deal you choose need to suit you, but the mortgage lender also has to approve you as a a borrower. To maximise your chances of approval you should check the criteria applied buy the lender. When considering a remortgage application, mortgage lenders will look at factors such as:

  • How much existing equity do you have? – With 10% equity, your choice of 90% LTV remortgage deals may be limited compared to that of a borrower with higher equity.
  • How much do you earn, and is your income stable?
  • Do you have any outstanding debts or any marks on your credit file?

With so many remortgage products available it’s hard to compare them all. Using our FREE online remortgage calculator, you can compare the whole of the UK remortgage market in an instant. Use the comparison tool above to compare 90% LTV remortgage offers with a selection of over 5,000 market leading deals.

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