Manage your pension to achieve your desired retirement income

Good financial planning is necessary to ensure that you enjoy an adequate retirement income to ensure that your pre-retirement living standards are not compromised.


You could use our annuity service to make sure you get the best annuity rates and enhance your retirement income. Alternatively if you need advice we have teamed up with a specialist advisory firm to help you through the pension maze.

Starting pension planning can make a huge difference to the level of income you can expect when you retire. The types of pension and the funds that are available to invest in are numerous and sometimes require advice.

Under current legislation pension funds can grow tax free and at retirement you have the option of taking some of the cash tax free. The balance of the fund can either be invested in a pension drawdown arrangement or in a traditional or investment annuity arrangement. Pension income is subject to tax at your personal tax rate.

Maintaining your living standards in requires retirement income to keep in line with inflation so this needs to be factored into any planning exercise as the cost of living over a typical retirement of 20 years can be significant. Building in protection against retail price inflation is expensive and so it is worth doing a thorough review of expected living expenses in retirement.