More and more people are looking for ways of protecting their primary source of income. To this end, there are a number of insurers that specialise in providing customers with salary protection insurance. However, before searching for an insurance quote, it may be worth checking if some form of similar cover is provided by your employer.

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Generally speaking, salary protection insurance is intended to provide customers with a tax free replacement source of income in the event that they are rendered unable to work, usually due to a serious illness or disease. 

The following are some examples of common factors that may play into the cost of salary protection insurance:


  • The policy holder’s age, gender and medical history
  • Lifestyle, including smoking and alcohol consumption
  • The amount of cover required by the customer
  • How long before the cover will kick in
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The cost of premiums for salary protection will obviously vary a great deal from insurer to insurer, and when searching for insurance quotes, it is important to remember that provides will generally calculate the cost of premiums based upon the element of risk.

For insurers, the lifestyle, age and medical history of customer will always play a large part in determining their likelihood of making a claim. The higher this risk, the more expensive premiums will be for customers.

Once a successful claim has been made, customers may be paid a maximum of 75% of their monthly salary until there are declared to fit to work again. Although many employers will include some form of protection for employees who fall Ill, the same cannot be said for self employed individuals, making salary protection a very useful option for many.

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