Savings Focus: Masthaven Bank launches with some market leading fixed rate bonds

Written by Editorial Team
Last updated: 6th December 2016

Last updated: 14/02/2017

Masthaven Bank is the latest bank to launch a range of fixed term deposits to the UK retail market and based on its initial range of products, looks set to be a real challenger, even amongst the challenger banks. So, if you have a minimum of £500 that you can tie up for at least 6 months, and you want to take advantage of some of the highest savings rates on the market, their first tranche of products is certainly worth reviewing. Here we take a closer look at what the bank has to offer savers.

Lending history

Masthaven is a brand new bank and the first new bank to be awarded a banking licence in 2016. However, they are not completely new to lending. Since 2004, they have been providing a flexible and personalised approach to lending in the specialist areas of bridging loans and secured lending (second charge mortgages), areas in which they remain one of the most competitive propositions in the market.

UK based fixed rate savings accounts

Headquartered in London, and with a knowledgeable and experienced team of savings specialists based in their UK contact centre, they have just launched their retail banking arm with a highly competitive range of fixed term and flexible term fixed rate savings accounts.

Masthaven Bank Fixed Term Bonds – up to 2.06% AER

Masthaven Bank’s fixed rate savings accounts are aimed at savers who are able to tie their money up for a fixed period, and are also looking for a fixed and regular rate of interest. They have four fixed term products, with terms ranging from 1 year to five years, and as you would expect, the rate of interest available increases with the length of term you choose: their 1 Year Fixed Term Bond pays 1.25% AER, whilst their 5 Year Fixed Term Bond offers a market leading 2.06% AER.

Summary of Fixed Term Bond rates

A summary of Masthaven’s fixed term bond rates is as follows:

  • 1 Year Fixed Term Bond:     1.25% AER
  • 2 Year Fixed Term Bond:     1.58% AER
  • 3 Year Fixed Term Bond:     1.76% AER
  • 5 Year Fixed Term Bond:     2.06% AER

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Masthaven Flexible Term Saver – create your savings account

Masthaven also offers the option to choose your own term, with their Flexible Term Saver. Terms can be selected in whole months, ranging anywhere between 6 months and 60 months, with rates between 0.60% AER and 1.96% AER respectively. This means you can tailor to the month the exact term you want, whilst also benefitting from a top rate of interest which is fixed for term of the account.

The Flexible Term Saver is an innovative account designed for customers who may be saving for a key event, such as a holiday of a lifetime, a wedding, university fees or a deposit for a house. The flexibility around term choice allows you to create a savings account based on your own needs and timeframes, so that you take advantage of a fixed interest rate but without having to sacrifice a competitive rate of return. Example interest rates are as follows:

  • 15 Month Flexible Term Saver:     1.33% AER
  • 18 Month Flexible Term Saver:     1.42% AER
  • 30 Month Flexible Term Saver:     1.67% AER
  • 48 Month Flexible Term Saver:     1.91% AER

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How much can you save?

All Masthaven savings accounts have a minimum balance of £500 and a maximum balance of £250,000 per account. You may have as many savings accounts with them as you want at any one time, however there is a maximum total balance of £1,000,000 that can be held across all of their savings accounts. Any funds held jointly will count towards each of your own individual limits.


Interest will be calculated from the day on which you make your deposit and is calculated daily based on the funds held in your account. You can have interest paid either monthly or annually and importantly, interest can either be paid into an account of your choice, or added to the balance of your fixed rate bond account, in which case you can benefit from compound interest. Interest will be paid to you gross, without tax deducted.

Account set up

Each account can be set up as a single or joint account. Accounts are opened online and access to account information is online or via telephone. As with most fixed term accounts, no early withdrawals are permitted.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Masthaven Bank is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. As a UK regulated bank your deposits are protected up to £75,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (‘FSCS’). For further information about this protection you can read ‘How FSCS protects your money’ or you can visit the FSCS website.

The UK’s only owner-managed bank

Masthaven Bank was awarded the first 2016 retail banking licence back in April, and launched officially on 28th November with the suite of fixed term savings accounts detailed above. It aims to offer an alternative to the one-size-fits-all approach of many conventional banks, and is the UK’s only owner-managed challenger bank with a partnership model which at launch sees 80% of employees already shareholders in the business.

The Board of Directors is as follows:

  • The Chairman is Peter Harrison, ex-CEO of the UK Financial Services Practice at KPMG, Chairman of the Audit Committee of a FTSE 250 Company and ex-Chair of the Audit Committee for CIT Bank Ltd.
  • Andrew Bloom is CEO. After working for KPMG and Strand Hanson he founded Masthaven Finance in 2004. Andrew has built Masthaven into an award-winning mortgage, development finance and bridging finance provider.
  • Managing Director is Jon Hall who joined the business in December 2014. Previously Mr Hall was Chief Executive of Saffron Building Society where he grew the mutual’s ranking from 31st to 13th largest in the UK and the largest in Eastern England.
  • Three Non-Executive Directors join Masthaven’s Board: Anne Gunther, previously Chief Executive of Norwich & Peterborough Building Society and Standard Life Bank; Ashley Machin, who most recently was Chief Digital Officer at TSB Bank and Michael Baker, FD of Joint Ventures at the William Pears Group.

Access to this expert leadership team along with a strong team of support staff approaching 100 in number, combined with straightforward digital services, means Masthaven will offer what it calls human digital banking.

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Please note that Masthaven Bank fixed rate bonds are fixed term products which means you cannot withdraw your funds or close your account until the end of the agreed term.

AER stands for the Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.