Scottish Friendly Bond

Tax free investments with Scottish Friendly…

You can save up to £25 a month; tax free, with a Scottish Friendly Bond. The Scottish Friendly Bond has been designed to help you make the most of your tax free allowance, so you can invest into a Scottish Friendly Bond even if you already have an ISA.

There is also the Scottish Friendly Child Bond - see below to learn more and apply:

Scottish Friendly Child Bond
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Other Children's Investment Options
ProviderServiceISA OptionMinimum InvestmentMore Info
Scottish Friendly Child Bondno
£25.00 pm
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Invest £25 a month with Scottish Friendly for a child under 16. Make regular tax-free investments for 10 years minimum to build a cash sum for the child's future
Shepherds Friendly University Savings Planno
£100 pm
More Info >
Save tax-exempt up to £2400 per year.
Shepherds Friendly Young Saver Planno
£7.50 pm
More Info >
Save tax-exempt up to £1200 per year.
The Scottish Friendly Bond is a 10-year investment for anyone aged between 16 and 64 and benefits include:

  • Tax efficient - No capital gains tax or income tax and no tax on the payout when the bond matures
  • Long term growth and security – your money is invested in the Scottish Friendly With Profits Fund, which invests in the stock market, Government and company bonds and cash.
  • Life Cover included: If you die, your dependants will receive a cash sum to help them through a difficult time. The level of cover you receive when you take out your Scottish Bond depends on your age and may be subject to medical conditions.

You can apply online for a Scottish Friendly Bond - just click on the link at the top.



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