Share Dealing News Barclays Share Dealing £442 Per Trade While England Is In The World Cup

12 June 2010 / by Rachael Stiles

Barclays Stockbrokers has announced that it is offering a highly competitive share dealing price of £4.42 per trade while the England team remains in the World Cup.

Barclays is marking the start of the World Cup in South Africa with its ‘4-4-2 formation’ offer, which is available from the evening of Saturday 12 June 2010, and will continue while England stay in the competition.

Barclays share dealing usually costs between £6.95 and £12.95, so investors will be willing England to remain in the tournament for as long as possible so that they can take advantage of the offer.

The cheaper share dealing price will apply to equities, exchange traded funds(ETFs), exchange traded commodities (ETCs), Investment Trusts, REITs, covered warrants, turbos, and structured products.

Commenting on the special offer, Des Byrne, managing director of Barclays Stockbrokers, said: “With the start of a summer dominated by sport, our clients are set to benefit from the introduction of our price promotion.”

The new pricing formation is an offer that investors “will not want to miss,” he said, adding that even non-football fans can get involved in the World Cup: “This offer will last for as long as England stays in the tournament, so now everyone has a reason to be cheering them on this summer!”
Mr Byrne also said that a global tournament such as the World Cup is a reminder of the global investment opportunities that are available, so during the competition Barclays will be keeping its clients updated with the latest overseas offers, sometimes prompted by those countries which are facing England on the pitch. 

“We want our clients to think about the advantages and the risks of new investments into geographical regions that they may not have previously considered. With effective use of the many asset classes available, our clients can make the most of the 4-4-2 pricing offer,” he added.

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