SIM-Free Mobile Phones

As well as contracts that include mobile phones either for free or for an additional charge, sim free mobile phones are sold on their own and without any attached contracts or other restrictions on their use.  They are a popular choice amongst customers who are not interested in changing their contract or current pay plan but who would like to take advantage of the latest wave of mobile phone developments.  It is worth noting that handsets are not generally locked to any particular network or sim card.

Sim free mobile phones may have the following features:

  • No contract or pay plan attached, so that there are no restrictions on the phone.
  • The full suite of features and functions that the phone provides, available with a customer’s existing sim card and contract.
  • The ability to switch between sim cards to get the best benefits from multiple contracts.
  • The ability to keep up with the mobile phone technology without having to change to a new pay plan.

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