Skipton International

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Skipton International is a leading offshore bank offering accounts to customers worldwide. The products available offer attractive interest rates and include fixed rate bonds as well as easy access and notice accounts.

See the table below to compare the Skipton International fixed rate bond against other international bank accounts:

Interest on offshore accounts is paid gross without any tax deductions and Skipton International offers accounts in Sterling, Euros and Dollars, making it ideal for those who need to deal in a variety of currencies on a regular basis.

Mortgages are also available through Skipton International for residential and buy to let homes in Jersey and Guernsey.

As well as fixed rate bonds Skipton International offer other services, including:

  • Notice and Easy Access accounts – attractive offshore interest rates.
  • Offshore bank accounts - in Sterling, Euros and US Dollars.
  • Mortgages - for residential and buy to let customers in Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney.