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Buying Speed Boat Insurance

If you are looking for competitive speed boat insurance, you should be aware that your choice of vessel will mean that insurance providers will tend to view you as a higher risk, and this will likely to feed into your premiums. Despite this it is still very possible to get yourself a great deal by comparing different boat insurance quotes.

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Speed boat insurance is essentially the same as other types of boat insurance, with the simple addition that you are likely to be travelling at a much faster speed. While each boat insurance quote you get will differ in the details of the cover it offers you, there are a few core areas that are likely to be covered:


  • Third Party Liability will make sure that if a claim of personal injury or damage to property is made against you and your speed boat, you will avoid having to shoulder the full financial burden of settling the matter. It is considered to be an industry standard that UK liability insurance should have a limit of £2 million.
  • New for Old cover will mean that any items damaged will be reduced with new versions, unless it is specified in the agreement that there is age limit on items or that only the current cash value will be paid out.
  • Comprehensive cover will protect you against you damage caused by accidents, vandalism, fires and theft

Out of the above, third party insurance is usually a compulsory part of any speed boat insurance policy, because it means that if you should cause someone else damage or injury at least they will receive some compensation. 

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