Student Contents Insurance

It is important to protect yourself with student contents insurance, because the average student house contains a high value of possessions, including such things as electrical equipment, books, computers, mobile phones, etc. Many student houses are not as secure as they might be and are therefore vulnerable to break-ins and walk-in thefts.

Some of the things you could expect to be covered by student car insurance include:

  • Computer and entertainment equipment
  • Books
  • Possessions, valuables, clothes, mobile phones, etc
  • Damage to landlord’s property
  • Cover even if there is no sign of a break-in, as many are walk-in thefts
  • Vacation cover
  • Cover for when you’re moving house
  • Student fees protection if you are unable to pay them due to illness

The market is very competitive, with many insurers now offering specific cover for students, so to find the best deal, compare contents insurance from a number of insurance providers before you buy.