Student Critical Illness Insurance

Few insurance providers offer specific student critical illness insurance, but there are a number of competitively priced policies available if you want to be covered in the event that you become critically ill and protect your family from the costs of fees, loans and care.

Student critical illness cover is much the same as standard critical illness insurance, providing such things as:

  • A one-off, untaxed, lump-sum pay out
  • Mortgage protection
  • Financial peace of mind in a time of personal crisis
  • Protection for a wide range of conditions/illnesses
  • A joint plan with your spouse/partner
  • Protects you and your family’s standard of life if you can no longer work

Shop around to find a student critical illness insurance policy that might cover things such as student loans, fees and other student debts, giving you the cover you need at a competitive price. Compare critical illness insurance deals and find the cover that's right for you.