Student Room Insurance

Student room insurance is extremely important, as student properties are extremely attractive to thieves due to the massive value of possessions owned by students, such as computers and entertainment equipment.

Some things you could expect to be covered with student room insurance include:

  • Replacement of your belongings on a ‘new for old’ basis
  • Valuables, clothes, musical instruments, CDs, computer games
  • Accidental damage and key cover if your locks are broken or keys are lost
  • Mobile phone cover and call-time abuse
  • Vacation cover or top-up
  • Tuition fees if you are unable to pay them due to illness
  • Injury as a result of mugging or assault
  • Theft, loss or damage to computer equipment

Many insurers now offer student room insurance cover, Endsleigh is one of the leading providers of student insurance, specialising in providing protection for you while you are at university. See if Endsleigh can give you the cover you need, or compare contents insurance from a number of providers, in order to find the most comprehensive cover at a competitive price.