Suzuki Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike Insurance for your Suzuki


If you've recently purchased a Suzuki motorbike, finding appropriate insurance should be your next step. Although basic third party insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, you may want to opt for more comprehensive Suzuki motorbike insurance that will provide you with a greater level of cover.

Apart from third party cover  - which is intended to pay the victims of accidents that were the policy holder’s fault - there are a few other types of Suzuki motorbike insurance commonly required by motorists depending on the circumstances, including:


  • Third party, fire and theft - this will cover third party expenses, as well as the costs of replacing or repairing the bike if it's damaged or stolen
  • Fully comprehensive - this type of cover is intended to provide a high level of financial protection in a variety of different circumstances. This form of insurance will typically cover damage to the driver, and the vehicle itself, regardless of whose fault the accident may have been

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An important part of making sure you get the best possible deal on motorbike insurance is to understand the factors that are likely to affect the risk perception of lenders. This is important because it will feed directly into the premiums they will quote you for motorbike insurance. Factors include:


  • The type of bike you have
  • How often the bike is used
  • Where you live and how the vehicle is stored and protected
  • Whether anyone else will be using the bike
  • Your previous claims history
  • Whether or not you are willing to pay a higher excess in the event of a claim

These considerations are likely to be the same for most lenders who offer motorbike insurance, so it is important to bear them in mind when using the table above to get motorbike insurance quotes.


There are several other extra policies that be offered by insurers as part of a Suzuki motorbike insurance package, such as:


  • Breakdown cover - this will cover the cost of replacement parts, and will usually pay for the cost of having the bike picked up and repaired
  • Legal expenses cover - this will mean that the policy holder will be able to pursue a claim for compensation without having to worry about legal costs if they become involved in an accident or dispute
  • Personal protection insurance - this will cover the cost of any medical expenses that be incurred due to an accident. The policy may also cover any loss of income that may be caused by a particularly severe accident

Finding the right Suzuki motorbike insurance to suit your needs with our table above.