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Feeling inspired by Long Way Round? Fancy seeing the world from the back of a motorbike? Touring bike insurance is a necessity for anyone considering a long distance motorbike trip. Although these types of bike are intended to be as rugged and durable as possible, finding the right cover is still an important requirement.

Tour bikes are often used over particularly long distances, sometimes on rough terrain, and although they are designed for this type of journey, they may also be subject to significantly more wear and tear than a standard road bike. For this reason, customers searching for touring motorbike insurance quotes can usually expected to pay more for their premiums.

When searching for a competitively priced policy, it should be remembered that all insurers are essentially risk-averse, and will price the cost of their premiums accordingly. Customers who represent a significantly higher risk to insurers - and taking a motorbike round the world generally falls into this category - will  be expected to pay for their premiums.

Our comparison table offers a quick and easy way to compare competitive motorbike insurance quotes for your touring bike:

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In order to reduce the cost of touring bike insurance, there are several steps you can take to demonstrate that you represent a lower risk to insurers:


  • A clean record - maintaining a record with no points or driving offences will suggest that you're a safe and reliable driver with less chance of making a claim
  • No claims history - maintaining a lengthy no-claims period
  • Security - storing the bike in a safe and secure environment (at least, as far as possible when travelling)
  • Higher excess - agreeing a higher excess with the insurer

Depending on the nature of your trip you might want to include extra policies as part of your touring bike insurance. Some especially long trips may be more hazardous than others, so extra personal accident cover may prove useful. This type of policy will cover the cost of medical fees, as well as compensation for any loss if income if an accident renders you unable to work.

If you are searching for appropriate cover for your motorbike trip, check the table above to find the best motorbike insurance quote for your money.