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Does Travel Insurance Cover Disruptive Volcanic Clouds

15 April 2010 / by Rachael Stiles

Awaking to news of a volcanic cloud disrupting airports and flights this morning will have caused many travellers to worry about their trip, and to wonder whether or not their travel insurance will cover subsequent delays or cancellations.

An ash cloud from a volcanic eruption in Iceland has caused massive disruption for travellers, as the Air Traffic Control service has grounded UK flights amid fears that the cloud of rock, glass and sand particles could damage aircraft engines and render them unsafe.

This is what is known as an ‘Act of God’ when it comes to travel insurance small print, and providers vary in their policy of what they will and will not cover under this classification, leaving many holiday makers confused.

Explaining, Steve Williams, head of travel insurance at comparison website, said “The situation is incredibly rare and insurance providers will treat the occurrence in different ways. It is unfortunate that there is not one standard approach when an ‘Act of God’ happens – this will be referred to as catastrophe cover in policies.”

As a first port of call, Mr Williams advises travellers to contact their airline and find our whether whether they will get an alternative flight where there have been delays, or alternative dates where the flight has been cancelled.

“I advise passengers to keep a watchful eye on this situation as it is changing very quickly,” Mr Williams added. “Expecting a delay at this point would be prudent of travellers and they should take activities and refreshments with them to ensure their prolonged stay in an airport is as bearable as they can make it.”

No flights are being allowed in or out of the UK until at least 6pm this evening, according to the BBC.

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