Trustee Savings Plans

If you have been made the Trustee of a Trust savings plan account, you have the responsibility of making sure the financial assets of the Settlor are safe and secure, and that the right amount of money goes to the Beneficiary upon maturity.

There are a variety of options to consider when setting up a Trustee savings account. At Fair Investment, we work with a number of companies to offer a range of Trustee savings accounts that are suitable for a range of different Trust types.

For the latest trustee savings plans, have a look at the product comparison tables on this page.

Trustee Savings Accounts
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If you're looking for potentially higher returns than those available from traiditional savings accounts or fixed rate bonds, you might want to consider an alternative. Structured deposit plans for trusts are capital protected deposits, with potential returns that are dependent on the performance of an Index, such as the FTSE 100.

See below for a range of structured deposits that are available to trustees.


Structured Deposits for Trusts - Income
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Structured Deposits for Trusts - Growth
ProviderPlan NameMaximum Potential Return*TermMore Info
FTSE 100 Kick Out Deposit Plan


per annum

Up to
6 years
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Capital protected deposit plan with the potential to mature after years 3, 4, 5 and 6. If the plan matures early it will return 6% times the number of years the plan has been in force. Also available for Cash ISA and ISA transfer.
* Maximum Growth Yields are not guaranteed and subject to certain conditions

If you have been made the Trustee of a close one’s assets it is your responsibility to take care of the capital assets of the deceased person until their chosen beneficiary is mature enough to deal with their own finances. The Settlor (the person who has the assets) gives another person (called a Trustee) the responsibility of setting up a Trustee savings account which they should manage on behalf of the Beneficiary (the person who is due to inherit the assets of the Settlor upon maturity).

If you want to set up a trustee savings account it is important to compare financial products. The internet is a great resource to do this and you may wish to take a look at our comparison tables to compare a range of Trustee savings plans and accounts with varying rates of interest and length of terms:

You should keep your tax responsibilities in mind with regards to your Trustee savings plan. If the Trust savings plan generates income in the form of interest it is important that you notify HMRC before taking your share.

Your entitlement to the interest accumulated in the Trust account depends on which type of Trustee savings account deal you have signed up to, so make sure you have studied the detail of each product properly.