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Whether you are a commercial or residential landlord, having a level of insurance in place that covers your circumstances well is a good idea, if you have a buy to let mortgage you may even be required to have at least a minimal level of UK landlord insurance in place on your property.

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UK landlord insurance is somewhat of an umbrella term as there are many types of cover available to landlords which you may wish to consider. There are many policies that offer cover for multiple facets of landlord insurance from buildings cover to legal cover and contents, some types of policy will allow you to have multiple properties insured under the same policy which may be useful if you have a large portfolio of rental properties.

Types of landlord cover you may see as a feature or optional extra includes:

Buildings cover

This policy types provides cover for a buildings physical structure as well as the permanent fixtures such as ceiling lights and bath tubs. With this type of insurance your policy should provide enough cover that if the property was destroyed by insured event it would pay to clear the land and rebuild the property.

Contents insurance

For landlords who let property as furnished contents insurance will provide cover for the furniture, furnishings and appliances provided by the landlord. There are generally two options for contents insurance policies; Indemnity cover will take into account any deprecation of value an item may have incurred since its time of purchase, meaning an insurer will cover you for the amount they calculated it to be worth at that time. ‘New for old’ policies will replace the item with a brand new version of the item, as a result new for old policies tend to attract higher premiums.

Landlord liability insurance

If a tenant or visitor was to make a personal injury claim liability cover would pay for your legal costs, if you were found to be at fault this policy type should also provide you with cover to pay the claimant’s legal costs and their compensation.

Loss of rent cover

If an insured event means your property is not rentable for a period of time, this cover could cover the loss of income you sustain as a result.

Landlord emergency cover

Events like gas leaks or burst pipes normally need quick responses to make your property safe and secure, emergency cover can help you get an approved tradesperson to your property. some policies will even provide an emergency contact number to you or your tenants that can be contacted 24/7 any day of the year to send someone out on your behalf.

Commercial landlord insurance

If you let out commercial properties such as; offices, retail stores or warehouses, or properties that are a mixture of both residential and commercial, then you will need commercial landlord insurance.

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