Vacant Property Contents Insurance

There are a variety of reasons why your property may become unoccupied. You may be in between selling and moving home, it may have been inherited or your home may be undergoing renovations. Either way, you need to make sure you have the right cover for your property.

If you need contents insurance quotes for an unoccupied property, see the table below where you'll find a range of specialist insurers - pick the one that suits your needs and get quotes today.

Insurance for Unoccupied Homes
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Because most insurance policies exclude contents insurance for vacant properties, it is important to get specialist cover that provides sufficient protection for your belongings. Insurers believe that unoccupied properties are more prone to high risk issues including vandalism, theft, fire damage and extreme weather conditions (storms and flooding) and you are therefore deemed to be more likely to make a claim on your insurance. 

For those who do not intend to be away from the property for long, some companies may be able to offer temporary cover to insure their contents in the vacant property. This may be an option for you if you plan on returning to the property within a few months. Remember that those companies that do offer contents insurance for vacant properties will probably increase their premium rates.

Whatever your circumstances, compare deals using our free service to find the right vacant property contents insurance for you.