Van Hire Excess Insureance

Compare Van Hire Excess Insureance

Excess insurance offered by van hire providers can be costly; therefore it may be worth seeing if you can find a better deal purchasing it in advance, check the table below to view a comparison of different van hire excess insurance providers and click the links to apply:

Van Hire Excess Insurance


When hiring a van most providers will include insurance for vehicle damage in their standard hire rate. However, this insurance can have a high excess charge you would have to pay for any damage caused to the vehicle, possibly even if it was not your fault.


Van hire providers may offer van hire excess insurance as an additional product when you go to collect the vehicle, however it may be cheaper if you purchase it yourself in advance from a range of specialist standalone providers. This also gives you the benefit of being able to shop around providers to try and find a price and a level of coverage that you are happy with.


It’s possible to purchase van hire for a set amount of days, or if you rent vehicles more frequently it may be possible to purchase an annual cover policy which will cover you for all van rentals over a 12 month period.


As with many types of insurance shopping around different policies is a good idea, in addition to price however you should consider the specific features of each policy, it may be better to spend slightly more to have a more comprehensive policy you feel more comfortable with.


Some things to check when looking for this type of insurance are:


  • Age Limits: Insurers may impose a limit on the minimum and maximum age limit for drivers of the hire vehicle.


  • Residency of policy holder: Providers may exclude non-UK or non-EEA drivers, others may include this coverage.


  • Countries – Some providers may only provide Van hire access insurance when driving in the UK, others may be able to provide cover for numerous other countries, if you are intending to use a hire vehicle abroad you should check to see if an international cover policy excludes a country you may be driving in.



  • Types of vehicle – Insurers may put a restriction on the maximum weight a van can be to still be provided with cover. Many van hire excess insurance providers will exclude other kinds of vehicle so you may need different policies for; cars, motorbikes or minibuses.


  • Vehicle Age – Policies may put a limit on the maximum age a vehicle can be to still be offered cover.



  • Vehicle Value – Providers may exclude cover for vans over a certain value.


  • Misfueling – Some mishaps like putting the wrong type of fuel in a vehicle will not be included in some cover policies, however some providers do offer this in their policy.



  • Key Replacement - Some providers also may not provide cover if you lose or break the keys.


  • Damage to; tyres, windows and wing mirrors, roof and undercarriage.