Van Insurance For 17 Year Olds

Compare Van Insurance Quotes for 17 year old drivers

It is an unfortunate fact that young drivers tend to be classed above other drivers in terms of risk by insurance companies. This is because statistically, they are more likely to be involved in any kind of road traffic and therefore to make a claim. 17 year olds should compare van insurance quotes online as a good starting point, and there are also a number of practical steps that may lower the cost of insurance. For a list of van insurance quotes, please see our comparisons table below: 

Compare Van Insurance Quotes
ProviderReplacement VanMax WeightMulti Van CoverAdditional BenefitsApply
yes3.5 tonnesnoQuotes from 50 brokers - compare more van insurance brokers than any other price comparison site. Cheapest van insurance price, guaranteedGet Quotes >
yes3.5 tonnesnoVan Insurance cover for under £182. Up to £100,000 of Motor Legal cover, 24/7 motoring legal helpline, windscreen cover for comprehensive policies, accidental damage and vandalism cover for comprehensive policies. RAC members pay £118 less on average for RAC Van Insurance than non-membersGet Quotes >
yes3.5 tonnesyesDirect Line Van Insurance with prices from £182 a year. 10% of customers paid this or less. Based on policies sold 1st November 17 - 30 April 18. Excludes add ons. Underwritten by U K Insurance Limited.Get Quotes >
yes3.5 tonnesnoVan insurance from just £211 a year. 5-star Defaqto Rating. Business, courier or personal van insurance. 10% online discount and up to 60% no claims discount. 98% of van insurance claims paid outGet Quotes >
yes3.5 tonnesnoMotor Legal Protection as standard, choice of excess, 24/7 emergency helpline, guaranteed repairs, free courtesy vehicle, cover for audio & navigation equipment, windscreen cover, replacement locks and personal belongings. Plus optional extrasGet Quotes >

The first thing to consider for any 17 year old is what kind of van you are going to have. Buying your self a brand new top of the range model may result in very high premiums, while buying an older van that is poor condition may equally drive up the cost of premiums if a claim is more likely. One way of lowering the premiums paid for your van insurance is to volunteer to pay more in excess. Although this will mean that you will have to pay more if you are actually involved in an accident, you could see your regular premiums drop significantly.


It is always advisable to avoid the practice of ‘fronting.’ This is when you place your van under somebody else’s name when insuring it. This has two main disadvantages:

  • If you are found out your policy will become void instantly
  • It does not allow you to build up your own no claims discount


With all this in mind, it is vital that you compare van insurance quotes from as many providers as possible, although you should be prepared to pay higher prices as a 17 year old for van insurance, at least initially.