Vitality launch new cancer insurance benefit

Anyone who has been through cancer treatment knows that the challenges to your health and emotional wellbeing aren’t all that you have to cope with.  A new cancer insurance benefit can help.

The financial cost of living with a cancer diagnosis has a major impact. And the additional stress can be additionally detrimental to your health.

Health-focused insurers Vitality have launched a new cancer benefit this month to provide extra financial support to people diagnosed with cancer.

Monthly payments to cover extra expenses during treatment

The benefit is available to members who have private medical insurance with the company, including Serious Illness Cover.

Claimants on either policy will receive £570 a month, plus the cost of their monthly medical insurance and life insurance premiums.

The amount is based on research by Macmillan Cancer Support which shows that four out of five people (83%) suffer financially as a result of cancer.

Loss of earnings, the cost of specialist food and equipment, extra heating in the house, and don’t mention the cost of hospital parking…The additional financial burden of cancer treatment can seem particularly hard to bear.

Suppport at a difficult time

Vitality Insurance CEO Neville Koopowitz says: “Having cancer can be an incredibly difficult time for anyone and worrying about the cost of living with the disease can bring extra pressure.

“Through the introduction of our new ‘Cancer Benefit Booster’, we will be able to provide extra financial support, giving extra assurance and support when they may need it most.”

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Written by Editorial Team ,
26th November 2019