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Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance On The Cards For Valentines Day

11 February 2010 / by Rachael Stiles

M&S Money is expecting a seasonal rise in the number of wedding insurance policies being taken out in the run up to Valentine’s Day, as the following fortnight is one of the most popular times for tying the not.

According to M&S Money, February is one of the most popular months of the year for buying wedding insurance, as couples plan their big day and protect themselves in case something goes awry.

Wedding insurance provides protection against a number of potential disasters, such as cancellation or rearrangement, supplier or venue failure, damage or loss of wedding dresses and suits, rings, damaged cakes, and loss, damage or theft of wedding presents.

One of the only occurrences that wedding insurance does not cover is if the bride and groom change their minds, or one gets cold feet and leaves the other at the altar.

David Wells, head of insurance at M&S, said: “Considering the cost of an average wedding and the current economic climate, wedding insurance really should be at the top of every bride and groom’s list.

“When buying wedding insurance, it is important to think through all the services planned for the big day and make sure the right amount of cover is in place. Once the cover is in place couples can get on with the preparations for the big day.”

Dave Simms, from Ecclesiastical Insurance which underwrites M&S wedding insurance, added that the main cause for wedding insurance claims in 2009 was supplier failure, which can disrupt even the most perfectly planned wedding day. “Suppliers struggling in the current economic climate can cause brides and grooms stress and heartache by not being able to deliver contracted services. This often happens at very short notice before the big day,” he said.

“In such circumstances, having proper wedding insurance in place can help you get your wedding back on track and help to ensure you’re not left out of pocket because of failed services.”

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