Worldwide Health Insurance

For wherever you are in the world…

If you are an expatriate looking for worldwide health insurance, make sure you compare a range of plans and providers of private medical care before deciding on a plan. There are many different levels of worldwide health insurance to choose from, including individual, family, group and company cover.

A good worldwide health insurance policy provider should provide:

  • Access to medical facilities worldwide
  • Access to regional offices throughout the world with English speaking staff to help you organise your medical treatment
  • Emergency transport to take you to the hospital of your choice for treatment, wherever you are
  • A search facility where you can look for medical, surgical and treatment facilities on an international scale
  • In-patient, day-patient and out-patient care
  • Oncology, CT and MRI scans
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Routine pregnancy and childbirth care

If you are living abroad and are thinking of protecting yourself and your family with worldwide health insurance, shop around and compare deals by clicking on the link below, fill in our quick form and an advisor will call back with free quotes and advice.