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Worldwide Medical Insurance

There are a number of insurance companies that offer worldwide medical insurance quotes for employees, businesses, individuals and dependants throughout the world.

Due to varying levels and support and medical cover offered in different countries, many insurance companies specialise in providing standardised worldwide medical insurance quotes for customers that will provide adequate cover regardless of their location or circumstances.

For individuals or companies in the UK for example, the services provided by the NHS health authority may provide more than sufficient medical cover.  However, if they are frequently involved in business or travel with other countries, they may require access to improved or specific facilities that may not normally be available.

We have grouped together a number of the best providers of medical insurance quotes and deals in the marketplace in an easy to use product comparison table below.

Many insurers offering worldwide medical insurance also provide tailored insurance policies designed to meet the needs of international businesses and large corporations.

In many instances, insurance policies can also be tailored for individual businesses. The following are some examples of advantages that may be included:

  • In certain cases, the previous medical history of employees may be disregarded as part of a medical insurance plan
  • A plan of the agreement may be drawn up to suit the individual needs of the business, accounting for its area and number of employees internationally

Worldwide medical insurance is also provided by a number of insurers in order to meet with the needs of expatriates. A UK insurer would for example be able to cover the needs of UK citizens regardless of their location.

Although expatriate medical insurance can prove extremely useful, some countries have several requirements that potential expatriates should be made aware of. For example:

  • Certain countries may legally require some form of local insurance
  • Insurance may be required in order obtain a working visa
  • Certain residency rules may also apply depending upon the circumstances of the policy holder