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3G SIM Cards

If you do not wish to change your phone, but want to get a new 3G contract or a pay as you go deal, then it is possible to just get a new 3G SIM card. SIM cards are usually inexpensive, sometimes free, and companies occasionally offer deals.


SIM cards are usually specific to the network provider and therefore cannot be used in a phone which is locked to another network. However, phones can be unlocked for a small fee if you wish to change phones but keep your SIM card.


3G SIM cards can be used in 3G phones, which offer various features in mobile phone technology such as:


  • Camera and video capabilities
  • Video and picture messaging
  • Internet access
  • Music and the latest ringtone downloads
  • Access to the latest news, sports and travel updates
  • Free minutes, text messages and downloads is you have a pay monthly contract


The contracts you can get with 3G SIM cards vary a great deal, so it is important to shop around to make sure you find the best deal to suit your needs and budget.