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Short term van insurance may be useful for anyone who is considering hiring a van during a weekend or for a short trip.

A short term policy can ensure that the holder receives adequate insurance in the event of any incidents or road accidents during this period.

Many companies who specialise in providing van insurance will provide a number of policies on a short term basis depending upon the needs and circumstances of their customers.

The following are some examples of situations wherein a short term van insurance policy may be prove to be very useful:

      • For a weekend holiday or trip
      • For a person who is moving house
      • For a person who’s current Insurance cover had ended abruptly
      • For a tradesman who is currently renting a vehicle

Short term van insurance can usually be acquired very quickly and at short notice. Due in part to the small period of cover that is provided by this type of van insurance, a short term policy can usually be extended by the customer to suit their needs, making them a very flexible option.

With these benefits, a short term van insurance policy can be an extremely cost effective option for many customers who are seeking an alternative to other more long term agreements.

The majority of short term policies will also ensure that the customer’s no claims bonus is protected, and will not effect their other premiums in the event of an accident or claim.

If you are searching for a suitable policy from a provider, it is strongly recommended to compare van insurance quotes from as many sources as possible in order to find the best offer.

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Finding temporary van insurance for your personal circumstances couldn’t be simpler.


Short term van insurance can be ideal for hundreds of everyday situations, including:

  • Borrowing a van to move house – You’ll probably need a large vehicle to move bigger, bulkier items and you may find that borrowing and insuring a van for the day is much cheaper than hiring a removal company.
  • Delivering or transporting large items – Whether you’re buying or selling, moving large items is not a job for your car. Whether you need to use one for a day or longer, you can find temporary van insurance cover to suit your situation.
  • Business insurance for vans – Businesses across the UK rely on their vans, so if one goes out of action or a new employee starts, you need a quick insurance option to keep your business running. Get the temporary business van insurance you need with Tempcover in just 90 seconds.
  • Test driving a new van – If you’ve got your eye on a new set of wheels, make sure everything is as it seems with a test drive. Get a van insurance policy for a few hours without adjusting or affecting any existing insurance on the vehicle.
  • Driving away a new van – Once you’ve chosen your next van, don’t wait around arranging your long term insurance. Drive your new van home and give yourself up to 28 days to choose the right annual policy while still using it.
  • Young van drivers – Van insurance can be extremely expensive, especially for first time or young van drivers. If you’re only driving occasionally, you could save money and get cheaper van insurance with pay as you go insurance.

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There are many different types of van available.

To make sure you get the right short term van insurance quote and pay the right the price, it’s important to select the correct body type.

When getting a quote, you can select from the following body types:

  • Van
  • Pickup – single cab
  • Pickup – double cab
  • Box van
  • Luton van
  • Refrigerated/insulated
  • Minibus
  • Hot food dispenser
  • Ice cream van
  • Transit
  • Motorcaravan
  • Taxi
  • Dustcart
  • Horsebox
  • Livestock carrier
  • Milk float
  • Flatbed
  • Mobile shop
  • Tipper truck
  • Refuse vehicle
  • Road sweeper
  • Skip carrier
  • Vehicle transporter


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You can get a policy to drive a van for 1 hour up to 1 month at a time, but there are no restrictions on the number of policies you can buy. If you need 6 months van insurance, you can easily buy 6 monthly policies or one month policy at a time if you think your situation may change.

Whatever duration you’re looking to buy, make sure you consider all options before buying to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

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All car insurance policies are different, but is unlikely you will be able to drive a hire vehicle in addition to the car named on your policy. And even if you are, you’ll likely only have third party cover. That’s why short term van insurance is the sensible choice for most people.