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What is insurance?

Insurance allows you to protect you and your family against risks of financial loss e.g. as a result of a car accident, house fire, theft, illness or death. For a relatively small amount of money (premium) you can choose to insure an asset or a person. the amount of the premium you will pay will depend on the insurer and how they assess the risk and the probability that the event could happen e.g. your house burning down.

For example with car insurance an insurer in assessing your premium will look at things such as your age (how long you have been driving), previous claim history, the area you live in (some areas have more car theft than others), how much mileage you do and whether you use your car for business purposes and the type of car you drive.

In the event of a claim on an car insurance policy an insurer in line with policy agreement will pay a lump sum in line with the financial loss you have incurred.

Do you need insurance?

Some insurance is compulsory so you do not have a choice. If you drive a vehicle you will need at least third party liability vehicle insurance in place to legally drive. Many mortgage providers make a condition of getting a mortgage that you have building insurance in place to cover the rebuild cost of the property in the event of serious damage. If you are an employer then employer liability insurance to protect you employees is a requirement.

Other insurances whilst not compulsory are recommended e.g. travel insurance to protect you financially if you get sick whilst abroad as not all countries offer free health cover. Life insurance should be considered if you have children who are financially dependent on you or income protection insurance if you are no longer able to work.

Some insurance policies you could consider as good things to have if you can afford it such as private medical insurance or for high value personal items such as mobile phone insurance or bicycle insurance.

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