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Temporary motorbike insurance can be useful for anyone who will only be using a bike a short term basis.

Unlike long-term policies, temporary insurance for motorbikes can often be acquired at short notice, and can provide policy holders with surprisingly comprehensive cover considering for the cost of the premium.

Temporary Motorbike Insurance

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Insurance Offered
Temporary Comprehensive Cover
Borrowing a bike, going on a test ride, picking up a new bike
Temporary motorbike insurance is the flexible and affordable solution for riders who only need cover for a short period of time
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It should be remembered that in order to be eligible for temporary motorbike insurance, insurers will usually require you to fulfil certain standards and obligations. Providers will balance the cost of their premiums against the risk that you will make a claim.

As an alternative to long-term policies, short term motorbike insurance tends to be considerably more flexible. A policy can be active for a period of 1 to 28 days and can also be extended in some circumstances.

Temporary motorbike insurance is particularly useful for people who may be considering renting a motorbike for a holiday or one-off trip. One day motorbike insurance is a valuable cover for bikers who ride their bikes on an ad-hoc basis. Temporary motorbike insurance may also be required in order to drive a newly-purchased bike home from a dealership.

If you have a particularly active claims history, you can usually expect to pay significantly higher premiums for your motorbike insurance – temporary or otherwise. The following factors will increase the cost of cover, and should therefore be avoided wherever possible:

  • Driving convictions or points on your licence – convictions for serious offences may make insurance very difficult to get
  • An unusually powerful bike – the faster you go, the higher risk you are, as far as insurers are concerned
  • A young or inexperienced driver – the less experience you have, the higher your premiums will be

If you’re searching for appropriate insurance, see our temp cover service for bikers to find some of the best motorbike insurance quotes currently available.