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Apacs advice on cards abroad released

21 June 2006
The UK payments association Apacs has announced the release of a new guide which offers advice to holidaymakers planning on using credit cards while overseas.

It provides cardholders with a range of useful tips and information, including using credit cards securely and how to pay the lowest charges when using cash machines and making payments.

According to research, Britons holidaying abroad spent some £20.8 billion on credit cards and withdrew £343 million in cash last year.

Sandra Quinn of Apacs said: "It's important that cardholders follow the simple advice set out in our guide and use their cards safely when they are abroad.

"While industry initiatives, such as chip and pin, have made the life of the international card thief more difficult, we must still follow a few simple rules to make sure we are protected when on holiday."

Despite the fact that fraud committed on UK cards in other countries has fallen for the fourth year in a row, Apacs is urging cardholders not to be complacent about credit card security.

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