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European Security Transport Association finds UK consumers worst hit by credit card fraud

22 November 2006
Credit card fraud is worse in the UK than any other European country, according to the European Security Transport Association (Esta).

More than seven million Britons – nearly 20 per cent of the adult population - have been subject to card fraud, says Esta's research.

By comparison, across all European countries, only 11 per cent of people surveyed (22 million in total) said they had been victims of card fraud.

This makes UK citizens almost twice as likely to be hit by card fraud as their continental neighbours.

But fewer UK consumers hit by card fraud choose to turn to cash instead, with only a quarter of British victims using cash afterwards, compared to a third of victims across Europe, perhaps indicating Britons' preference for convenience over security.

Esta encourages consumers to use cash payment, even as the EU Payment Services Directive promotes the use of electronic payment types in member states.

Apacs, the UK payments association, estimates that cash will still account for 52 per cent of all payments a decade from now – although the figures do not distinguish between small, everyday expenses and major pay-outs.

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