Lloyds TSB bank charging scheme wins praise

08 July 2005
Lloyds TSB has been singled out by consumer rights outfit Which ? for its current account and credit card transfer services.

Which? criticised a host of financial services providers, particularly those using "profitable tactics" to offer what it termed unnecessary add-ons to unsuspecting customers.

The firm said that big profits were being made for unauthorised overdrafts, and overseas charges.

It identified Halifax for the "meanest charge", citing its £1.50 levy to use a debit card abroad on top of a 2.75 per cent charge.

Conversely, Lloyds TSB was named as the purveyor of the "most positive change" - for being the first in the industry to return the money it makes on slow transfers.

Which? editor Malcolm Coles said that the findings showed it was important "people should switch banks".

"It isn't difficult - 90 per cent of people who have switched say that they found the process straightforward," he added.

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