Post Office credit card helps pre-holiday sprees

27 July 2006
According to new research from Post Office, the average Briton spends over £120 each on items for their holiday before they have even left the country.

The findings suggest that in total £4.1 billion will be spent on holiday preparations this year, with the most going on new clothes, guide books, magazines and toiletries.

Nearly eight in ten women (78 per cent) go on a spending spree with their credit card to buy a new wardrobe before jetting off, as do six out of ten men (59 per cent).

"People want to make sure they look their best and have fun on holiday, and for many this means a lot of preparation before they even board the flight – spending that perhaps isn't always realised in the total cost of a holiday," said Gary Fitton, head of Post Office's credit card department.

"Those planning a pre-holiday spending spree would benefit from the Post Office 'two in one' credit card, which gives holidaymakers the best of both worlds – a great introductory offer and competitive long-term rates."

The card features a six month interest-free introductory period for new purchases and has a facility for transferring up to two purchases of between £500 and £2,000 after that at a specially discounted rate of 6.8 per cent.

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