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Saga Visa Card is fair

29 July 2005
Saga Visa Card has urged card providers to take cost minimising action, and pointed out that its cards were fair and comprehensible.

Saga Visa Card charges a flat £10 for dishonoured cheques or direct debts, late minimum payments, and the exceeding of credit limits.

It also has an order of payment where transactions subject to the standard rate of interest are paid off first, instead of purchases made on the lower balance transfer rate.

Saga's low balance transfer rate is 3.9 per cent for six months.

Saga was promoting its card as fair and reasonable in response to an OFT report that had concluded that card providers were charging excessive and unfair late payment fees and fines.

Paul Green, head of communications for Saga said: "The OFT report has highlighted potentially excessive charges for late payment or exceeding credit limits. The report begs the question whether some customers have been treated less fairly than others."

Mr Green also mentioned that there should be a process in place that was fair to both customers and providers.

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