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6.5 million switch to save with pay as you go mobile phones, the Post Office finds

26 February 2009 / by Rachael Stiles
The Post Office has found that 6.5 million mobile phone users are considering trying to save money by ditching their pay monthly contracts and switching to pay as you go mobile phones.

A further three quarters of a million phone users are already in the process of switching to pay as you go mobile phone deals, the research revealed, joining the 32.7 million people already opting to only pay for the calls and texts that they use.

Pay as you go customers currently account for 54 per cent of the market, but the Post Office's recent study suggests that this proportion could increase to around 65 per cent as more people try to cut back on spending to weather the recession.

"Clearly people are being mindful of their finances during difficult times, and taking control of their spending by switching to more manageable options for mobile phone costs," said Martin Moran, head of telecoms at the Post Office, which has seen a 100 per cent increase in sales of mobile phone top ups recently.

"59 per cent of people say that having a PAYG mobile allows better control of spending and in some Post Office branches we’re seeing record numbers of people topping up their mobile phone at the counter."

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