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Businesses concerned with broadband speed

10 December 2007 / by None
British businesses will suffer because of the nation's outdated telephony infrastructure, an expert has warned.

The UK is already lagging behind Japan and France by not installing a replacement to the old copper wire networking that delivers broadband, Michael Phillips, product director at Broadband Choices, suggested.

This will impact on competitiveness in the future, he said.

Recently Ofcom and British Telecom said that the installation of a cable system to deliver the next generation of broadband speeds was "premature", according to the BBC.

"I am working from home today and I have lost 20 per cent of my productivity because of slow connections," he said.

"It definitely will have an impact on small businesses, especially as the amount of data that we look to transfer increases in size."

He added that if the government could justify spending £15 billion on a cross-London train link, there was a definite argument for investing in a state-of-the-art network with carbon fibre technology.

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