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Ofcom sets new deadline

04 December 2007
Ofcom, the UK's communications industry watchdog, has set a new deadline that will oblige telecoms companies to enable their customers to use their old phone number within two hours of switching to a new network provider.

The deadline for switching mobile phone customers will be reduced from five to two days on April 1st 2008 and will then be brought down further to two hours in September, Ofcom has announced.

It is hoped that the new rules will increase consumer convenience and their capacity to compete, while telecoms firms have also been told they must continue to ensure the protection of the customers across the country.

Ed Richards, chief executive of Ofcom, commented; "These measures will promote competition in the UK mobile market and act directly in the consumers' interest.

"Our new rules set tough but achievable deadlines to put new systems in place and I look to the industry to implement them effectively."

Ofcom's latest deadline for switching mobile phone users to a new network follows a consultation process initially carried out in November of last year.

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