Post Office aims to boost brand with broadband

25 October 2007
The Post Office will be launching its own broadband service to rival that of the large providers such as Tiscali and the Carphone Warehouse’s TalkTalk service.

Next week will see the nationwide launch of Post Office Broadband and Post Office HomePhone with Broadband – the two latest additions to the Post Office portfolio.

The Post Office has opted to target these new services at the demographic they feel are not catered for at present: the over 50s who make up 25 per cent of the UK online population and those consumers who want to pay in cash for their broadband service at their local Post Office, avoiding the need to set up direct debits.

Post Office Broadband will be employing the BT network, and claims its service will reach 99.6 per cent of the UK. It has already set its sights on success with the announcement that it will have signed up one million customers by 2010. The launch also appears to coincide with the release of the first wave of "free" broadband customers who signed up with Carphone Warehouse's TalkTalk, a service that has been plagued with problems.

Alan Cook, Managing Director of the Post Office, comments: "Until now, some significant groups in society have missed out on all the internet has to offer purely because broadband is perceived as a complicated luxury. With the support of BT, we are now able to open up a new range of products and services to these groups with a better, fairer and easier to use broadband service that reflects the trust that older customers, in particular, have in the ‘People’s Post Office’. This new addition to our telecoms product portfolio follows the launch of our HomePhone service in 2005 and will help to secure the future success of the Post Office branch network."

Records show that more than 24 million people go into their local branch every week. However, following the recent spate of Wildcat strikes, there are fears that the public is losing faith in the Post Office Brand.

In a recent bid to boost their portfolio, The Post Office has also entered the life insurance market with its new range of products to complement its Over 50s Life Cover.

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