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Scottish and Southern Energy price cut: 'What we've been waiting for'

01 March 2007
Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has become the fourth provider to slash prices in quick succession and is now the cheapest gas and electricity supplier with immediate effect.

Customers will pay 12 per cent less for gas and five per cent less for electricity from March 1st, taking the average energy bill from £962 to £874.

Hot on the heels of the Powergen cuts introduced earlier in the week, SSE prices undercut Powergen by four per cent and are eight per cent lower than the British Gas standard tariff.

Customers will also feel their wallets fatten up earlier than those served by npower or Powergen, whose cuts come into effect 61 days later.'s energy product manager Geoff Slaughter advised customers to switch on the basis of the SSE announcement, describing it as "the move we've been waiting for".

But's head of utilities Paul Schofield was more cautious, emphasising that customers might prefer to wait and see what other suppliers have up their sleeve.

SSE largely retained its credibility with consumers through 2006, a year of nightmarish gas price rises, holding the fort as the cheapest provider for dual fuel.

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