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Warning over cashback mobile deals

20 December 2007 / by None
A consumer magazine has warned that mobile cashback deals are a "rip-off" and have called for them to be banned.

Which? claimed that such deals, in which customers pay for their mobile phone and contract and then claim money back, have prompted many consumers to complain.

The organisation stated that most people are unhappy because they have been unable to claim money back because the terms of the contract are too complicated, or because the provider has gone out of business.

Malcolm Coles, editor of, said that cashback deals ought to be banned as they "make customers jump through hoops".

"Thousands of people have already lost money through these dodgy deals, so don’t touch them with a bargepole," he advised.

People ought to start the new year with a "cheap" mobile phone deal that does not include any kind of cashback offer, he added.

According to, 37 per cent of people who have applied for cashback deals believe that the terms and conditions are "unfair".

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