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Water prices to rise 6.1 per cent

27 February 2007
Water bills across the country will rise from April 1st as industry reglator Ofwat ploughs consumer spending into renewing ageing infrastructure.

Across the country, the rise in water prices will be 6.1 per cent on average under the new pricing mechanisms, while South West Water's 700,000 customers will be worst hit as unmetered customers pay 16.1 per cent more for their water this year, adding almost £80 to their yearly bill.

But the water company's chief executive Chris Loughlin insists the price hikes are necessary.

"We are acutely aware that this year's increases may cause difficulty for some customers," he acknowledged.

But he added the company is constrained by the need to fund "essential infrastructure investments".

The industry is eager to become fit for purpose once more by repairing leaking pipes and other long-term flaws.

Draconic hosepipe ban measures introduced by water companies serving the south-east last April after warnings of record drought were lifted at the start of 2007 following four months of higher than average rainfall.

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